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Houston native Dr. Robert Parker can’t imagine living or practicing anywhere else in the world. With over forty years of podiatric experience, Dr. Parker provides old-fashioned care with state-of-the-art equipment.

Do you know why your ankles and feet hurt?

We care about your feet, and want you to be well-informed. We have added many pages of information on specific foot and ankle conditions, as well as treatment options available. Please take some time to look through the information here and become more familiar with your symptoms.

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Respect and regard for the patients that he serves sets the tone for all that is done at Parker Foot & Ankle. Whether you’re calling our Houston, TX office for the first time, or you are returning for a follow-up appointment, our friendly staff will provide compassionate, efficient, and knowledgeable care. To learn more about our office and staff, visit our “Staff” page.

For your convenience, we have listed our office hours and location, as well as information on our procedures and insurance information on our “Office” page.

Utilizing cutting edge technology to fix painful foot and ankle conditions

Foot pain is not normal, and Dr. Parker fights for pain-free feet with his arsenal of cutting edge technology. Keeping up on the latest in laser treatments is just one way that Dr. Parker leads his profession. Radio Frequency Therapy and EPAT (Acoustic Waves for Heel Pain) are also available in the office.

Do not wait until it’s too late!

Is pain in your feet and ankles keeping you from living life to the fullest? Are you tired of missing out on activities and trips due to discomfort? Don’t lose another day; call the office of Podiatrist Robert Parker today at 281-497-2850. You can also schedule an appointment here

Dr. Parker and his staff look forward to serving you!

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